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Finnegan's Famous Sandwiches
€ 5,00
€ 5,40
  • with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber and onion
  • with tuna, pickled onions, peppers and tomato
  • with gorgonzola, smoked ham, onions and tomato
  • with Greek-style cheese, peppers, onion and tomato
€ 6,00
Spicey red chili peppers, filled cream cheese, covered in a crispy crust
€ 5,50
with cranberries and rocket salad
€ 2,20
Italian bread sticks with Tzatziki-, horseradish-, Chili- and sweet-hot dip
€ 5,60
Purely vegetarian with a crispy gratin
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€ 8,00
Casserole of ground meat and vegetables baked over with mashed potatoe
€ 8,90
Pastry with a spicey beef and onion filling
€ 8,90
Pastry with a creamy chicken and mushroom filling
€ 8,90
Pastry filled with curried ground lamb and mango chutney
€ 7,80
Creamy quiche with feta cheese and leek
All our pies are served with fresh green salad or chips
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€ 9,90
Meaty grilled ribs baked in homemade B-B-Q sauce served with white bread
€ 5,90
Spicey stew with ground meat and kidney beans
€ 5,50
Filled with a choice of
  • Tzatziki with fried onions
  • Chili con Carne
daily price
delicious and homemade - see blackboard
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€ 8,50
Beef and kidney stew served with a classical Irish mixture of mashed potatoe, cabbage and scallions
€ 7,80
Gound lamb served with typical Irish root vegetables and colcannon
€ 7,80
Bacondice & vegetables in cream sauce with colcannon and cheese
€ 9,90
Crispy fried fish filet with potatoe wedges served with creamy homemade coleslaw
€ 7,70
cleverly made green salad with soya shoots, apple, walnuts and tuna in a honey vinaigrette
€ 7,20
with greek-style cheese and tasty vegetables in a jogurt, honey and lemon dressing
€ 7,00
A fresh and hearty rocket salad with cucumber, tomato, pumkin seeds and thinly sliced Parmigiano in a Balsamico vinaigrette
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€ 5,20
Warm apple pie with vanilla icecream and Irish Cream Liqueur
with antioxidant agent