Steel-Darts-Team Finn's For Fun

We want to introduce ourselves briefly; Since 1996 we play Steel Darts at Finnegan's Irish Pub. Our team consists of 13 players.
Some of us play darts for quite some time, since at Finnegan's people have played darts from 1987. Maybe you happen to know the other teams like Dias, Finnegan's, Ragin Bull und Finnegan's Frogs. Some players came from the national league (Finnegan's) as well as 2nd league (Ragin Bull) and from the team Dias (3rd League).

We play the 3rd League "A". Matches are on Wednesday, training on Tuesdays.

The team:
Uwe D., Ralph F., Frank J., Horst K., Jürgen K., Henry L., Michael L., Jonas O., Karsten P., Gina R., Joe R., Heidi Z., Capitan Jürgen W.